Friday, October 11, 2013

BFF's Hottie Boyfriend. Not a bad thing...

Three days people. Just three more days. I'm getting ants in my pants!

And today, you get to meet Coleen's hawt boyfriend--

Coray Eion Logan

born January 24, 1971 to Yvette Dupre and Duncan Logan. Bright, baby blue eyes and dark, straight red hair, with an impressive stature well over six feet, he was raise alone by Duncan after his mother got herself in trouble with just about everyone from Duncan's family and was kicked out of the house. Mathelete, honors student and all around good-guy, he's always had a pretty typical life- cars, friends, dances, weekend fun and Coleen. 

Ah. Coray. My Irish lad. What a strange and interesting path this character took of all my main characters. He didn't even exist until about 2nd rewrite (mind you, second rewrite was 22 years ago). He was merely a passing suggestion so that the character of Coleen wouldn't be left out of the boyfriend/dating fun.

Coleen's real life paradigm wanted more. She didn't want just a suggestion of a boyfriend, she wanted a real character and she wanted him to be older than the main characters and hotter than Vincent. Well, ok. So I wrote the guy in in a big way. Huge. But it was one of the most bizarre sequences I'd ever written.

Originally, Coray was a follower and worshipper of Echo of Silesia. (Honestly, she didn't even have a place name like that until 2 years go.) They caught Coray in the middle of one of his rituals, asking Echo for power. And that's when they found that Coray was Rebekah's great-great grandson and that Echo was her sister who was killed in Salem and that he was a proximal witch.

I've eliminated that proximal witch. There is another character (waaaaaay later on) who has power through an object, but not through the veneration of that object. That just started to get way too creepy and existential for me. Some of the characters that Katherine Rhodes handles later get a little existential, but I'm going to avoid most of that.

Anyway, they find out that Coray is this proximal witch and he's nearly as powerful as Alia. This causes a problem because back then, Rebekah hated the Bronson family because when she went wilding, Margeau was the regent Princess Witch. When Rebekah came back to herself, she and Margeau had it out. A good old fashioned magic battle so Margeau could show Rebekah there were things she had to learn from her.

The fourth rewrite (20 years ago) saw the elimination of Echo, the proximal witch, Rebekah's resentment and Coray being integrated into the regular witch population. The next rewrite saw him bumped to his original title of Prince Warlock, which word-flopped a few rewrites later to Warlock Prince. And it was only this last rewrite where I finally just opted to call him the Prince Witch and make him as big a character as he needed to be. Which is HUGE.

When I started writing this story, back in 1987, (yes, that long ago), my focus was totally on Alia. Even later on, the focus stayed on Alia and Vincent. But now, after so many years, the tapestry is richer with the weavings of all these other characters coming in. Coleen is a force to be reckoned with, and Coray is her fierce protector without being overbearing.

And while I have grown to love Coray, here's a little secret: I have never loved his name. I didn't pick it, and if I had, I don't think I would have spelled it this way. But he's just so Coray now, so interwoven into the whole forthcoming series, that I can't and won't change it. I can't imagine him being anyone else.

Now, who's the hottie up there? None other than Jared Leto. But, dear readers, it must be THIS Jared Leto. Not the nutter with the beard (though, appropriately, Coray does lose it in the distant future and ends up with beard and bad body odor), but for our story here and now-- this Jared is the one you can plunk into Coray's place.

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