Tuesday, October 8, 2013

So close you can smell it...

(Or, Perhaps J. Rose Should Take a Shower...)

Seriously. ONE week people. I'm so unbelievably excited! This is a story that I love to read and read over and over. Because I love Alia and Vincent and Coray and Coleen and Rosa and Billy...

So, how about if I do a mini bio of each of my characters? Would that be cool with you? There are 6 main characters and I'm going to tell you a little about each one. And if there just happens to be a celebrity or model out there who happens to look like what I think they look like. Well. Bonus, right?

Let's start at the top, and meet our main protagonist:

Alia Suzanne Bronson-

born January 23rd, 1971 to Isabel and Darius Bronson. Long wavy brown hair, bright green eyes, not too tall, not too short. She's an all-around honor student and has gaggles of friends going into her senior year. Her boyfriend, Mike, is a sports fanatic and he sucks at being her boyfriend. She is an only child, and the apple of her father's eye. Her mother... another story it seems.

Alia's name was stolen, outright, from another book. I read Frank Herbert's "Dune" and fell in love with the name and the character. Ultimately, Alia of the Knife, in Herbert's world, succumbs to the darkness that hides inside her. But the character was so strong, so much a victim of her birth and circumstance that I needed to give her a different incarnation, one where she could be strong, fierce, and flawed and have a real chance to win the day.

It was strange that when the SciFi (now SyFy, natch) channel put out their Children of Dune movie, they nailed what I imagined both Alia Atreides and Alia Bronson to look like. Except for the green eyes. I would recommend you either read Mr. Herbert's books or go see if you can find SyFy's "Dune" and "Children of Dune" -- because Alia rocks, the stories rock and you will NOT be disappointed in them like you will if you watch David Lynch's version.

Seriously. Stay the HELL away from the David Lynch version. You will never be able to forgive yourself for those 3.5 hours of hell. Not even in Sting in iron underwear can save it...


As an aside, after reading a letter of reorganization, I've decided that I will give Goodreads another chance. It never did me wrong; I hope I don't regret this.

So, add it now!
Penumbra: Equinox

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