Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Skeleton Key Series


Her destiny was not in the shadow of death, but in the light of another life.

by J. Rose Alexander

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A life full of death is no life at all. 
But Devon prefers to stay away from the living and deal with the dead. No social life, no parents, no family and only one friend, she hides away in the possessions of the deceased. One of the dead leaves behind a key-- a small piece of glass that transports Devon, quite literally, to her destiny. 

Grandin is a sicutus -- a human with very little powers. Set into his corona, or circle, of Air elements, he has given up on his world as well and has chosen to guard the Eunia Crystal with twenty others. They are solitary people, revered but left alone. And it on his watch that the Eunia comes alive--and bring his destiny to him. 

As the government of Cardinal Terrun sits on the precipice of disaster, only Grandin and Devon can make the decisions that save his world, or throw it into a war in which they are the generals --and the spoils.

Skeleton Key Book Series 
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Moonlight Calling is OUT

I can't believe I never posted about this! MOONLIGHT CALLING is now a standalone novella and the first in "The Nightshift in New York" series! Grab it now everywhere!

When Melissa Donnelly discovered the stalker's note on her table, she was shaken to her very core. Her now-ex-boyfriend wasn't the *best* person in the world, but she didn't think Andrej would sink to this level.

Detective Loren Acrioni knew Melissa was going to be a handful the instant he showed up at her house. Sassy, sexy, and smart-mouthed, she was a fierce woman determined to not let anyone stop her from living life. Not even her ex-boyfriend, the heir-apparent to the Russian mob in New York City.

Very soon, it becomes aparent there's more going on than either of them expected. Melissa is in real, immediate danger and Loren decides it's time to call in the Nightshift--a special group of New York City police officers with odd abilities: witches, psychics... and shifters. 

 And the one thing Melissa never expected was her knight in shining armor would show up in the small, furry shape of a house cat named Alistair Meowly...