Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Always leave a tip...

Here we are, once again, ladies and gents.

I'm here to ask for alms for the poor, starving artists. If you have read a book that you like and you enjoy, I would beg you to leave a review. Especially for us newbies.

Why leave a review? Well, there a myriad of reasons, not the least of which is: A good review makes us all peacocky. We spread our feathers and look happy and glorious in our delight. It encourages us to write more, that we're going something right with our words.

A review is a way of saying thank you, author. You've done a good job here, please keep up the good work. Kind of like getting that Gold Star for the day when you were first grade. We wear our reviews with pride.

If you're an excellent reviewer or want to be one, you can even critique our works to help us become better writers! (But please, go gentle. Don't just come in there and tell us we SUCK and should disappear from the planet. That doesn't help anyone.)*

But the hard truth is, we need your reviews to spread the word about our books. Did you ever notice the bar under you purchases on Amazon that say "Other's Who Viewed This Item, Also Viewed:"? Well, those aren't populated randomly. They rely on your metrics. And the only things that can get on there are items with 25+ reviews.

So someone who read "A Discovery of Witches" and enjoys reading about them, would never see "Penumbra: Equinox" as a suggestion until it's reached 25 reviews**.

More reviews mean more perks for us as well. Amazon has several levels of perks when it comes to reviews, and all of them benefit everyone.

So, please, dear readers. Leave a review. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads. Even here is welcome! It doesn't have to be complex, drawn out, and like you're reviewing Chaucer for your Freshman 101 English Comp class. Three lines? Five lines. Just a quick note to say, "Nice. I enjoyed this."

Thank you.

Penumbra: Equinox

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* It's painful to read a 1-star review by someone doesn't even normally read the genre. "This book is not something I would read. I don't know why I did. It sucks." We don't know why you read it either; please just move on.
** Of course there is a big controversy about buying reviews. You can. I don't. I seek a genuine, organic audience who really enjoyed reading my work. I will seek out reviews from some websites and bookblogs, but they are not compensated in anyway save to receive a free copy to read. And the one that do, will tell you exactly that.