Tuesday, March 21, 2017

May 19th: The Art of Living

What a bang-up year this had been. 

I'd started training as a ninja, discovered I was a witch, found out I was pregnant, had the father walk off and basically tell me to screw off. I discovered a best friend, a new cousin, got a new job, managed another New York Times best selling novel. I put on a mask and became a superhero, got to fly with another one, and was currently writing hilarious news pieces about myself and my cousin as superheroes while hiding in plain sight. 

After all that, I thought that life would calm down. 

I was naive. And I was not prepared for what was coming. Sometimes being a superhero didn't always mean you had to wear a mask.

But after mastering the art of dying, it was time for me to start learning the art of living.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 21st: The Art of Dying

And finally, we arrive at the beginning of the superheroes. These are the stories that I have loved writing my whole life and I hope that you all enjoy them as well.


The Art of Dying

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No one starts out to be A superhero.
But there's my cousin—mask and costume—and I'm convinced she's certifiably insane.
Beth hit it big in Hollywood and created a baseball team so I could play. She started taking martial art lessons and she decided she was going to start ninja'ing around New York City. And that had nothing to do with us losing our mothers and her brother when we were young
See? Insane. I mean, who the hell wants to be a moving target?
Well, I'm not really one to judge. After all, I took those lessons too. I'm out there with her: hiding in shadows, avenging the less- fortunate, saving the damsels in distress--and bachelors in a bind--getting shot at, threatened with death, chased with swords and tossed into situations we had no business being in. 
Let's just say that we’re in trouble if phone booths ever go out of style.
 We kinda liked it. I guess we're both nuts But no one starts out to be a superhero. No one wants to be the last of a breed of ninjas.
And, no one really wants to learn the art of dying.