Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meet the Hot Neighbor...

Six more days.
*Happy Dance*

So today, let's meet...

Vincent Michael Morchause

Born May 5, 1971 to Richard and Sharon Morchause. Shaggy brown hair, deep chocolate brown eyes, tall enough to be a very effective starting pitcher for the Ulysses Grant Regional High. He's his father second oldest son, and has 3 younger siblings: Ellen, Scott and Olivia. He's dating Stacey and doesn't want to be anymore; she's overbearing and wants to control him while being sickly sweet. Brilliant mind, but lacking in confidence, he thinks that Community College is as far as he's going to be able to go. 

Vincent's original name was Scott. Scott was ripped right out of Teen Wolf. Ladies and Gents, if you're not old enough to remember Teen Wolf, go get yourself a copy and enjoy this wonderfully cheesy 80s flick. THAT is the way I imagine werewolves. And I would like to clarify right now that Vincent and his family are werewolves. At the full moon, they do not turn into wolves. Those are shifters. Werewolves are a breed between human and wolf, and have super natural strength and speed.

Vincent's name was taken over from another story (that you'll get a chance to read not too far in the future) where the main character is actually a baseball player. I couldn't use Vincent there because ... well that Vincent is actually based on a real person- Vincent my cousin.

Now, you've heard me say that this is my oldest story. It actually started out quite differently. Vincent was Scott and Scott was a werewolf. Right, fine. But Alia was named Brenda, and Brenda was an alien, not a witch. Fun facts about the prepubescent mind of me.

Don't go much further. It gets ugly in there.

So, who's that hottie up there? Kinda funny: his name is Scott Eastwood. And the instant I saw him, I knew that he was exactly what I imagined Vincent looked like. Enjoy that.

I sure do. 
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