Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Blather- Black Daggar Brotherhood

Let's talk about Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Oh, yes. Let's.

I was pointed in the direction of this series about 9, 10 months ago and life has never been the same. Well, ok, perhaps that's hyperbole. But really, honestly, truly. If you like vampires that don't F*cking Sparkle, and hold on to the mythos well, you need to check out the Warden's work.

Ah. Yeah. The Warden. That's what her fangirls call her. *blush* Her name is actually JR Ward. She has another series, The Fallen Angels (which I'm getting into. They're good, but different from BDB) and her work as Jessica Bird. Haven't touched it those yet.

There are now 11 books in the series, and just yesterday, the Warden did a cover reveal for the next installment.

In quick succession, I did this: 

and then this:

The bitch of it is? 


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