Tuesday, May 28, 2013

WIP Blurb -from "Art of Living"

"Art Of Living" from
The Superhero Chronicles

I've got no idea when this would be out, but I'm enjoying writing it. For those of you who don't know, WIP = work in progress. 

“I spent five years in the dark,” he answered. “That was more than enough to get the idea through my thick skull. When this was found, about seven years ago, several other Ábeþecian-án down here, both durzon and otherwise, decided it would be best if no one ever saw this.” 
“Then why are you showing us?” Alex asked. 
“Because the first and only person to ever touch it died screaming your surname.” 
“Fab,” Alex grumbled. “So these people are after who? Me? Cindy? The Easter Bunny?”  
“Peter wouldn’t like you dragging him into this,” Tomas said. 
Alex stopped. “You’re kidding.” I was holding back my snicker.
Tomas clearly rolled his eyes. “Really? Come on, man.” 
“I just found out about witches and daemons,” Alex said, as we all resumed walking. “At this point, the Easter Bunny and Santa don’t seem that far fetched.” 
“Well, they aren’t real,” Tomas said. “But those tooth fairies? Nasty little assholes.” 

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