Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Penumbra: Equinox-- It's coming!

So, after much thought and no word (yet) on Shadow in Glass, I've decided on a new manuscript to offer up to the readers. Currently, I'm hoping to release on October 15th, but this is my baby. The one I've been working on for 25 years. The one that needs a hard edit and soft edit and a good beta read, and copy edit.

It is one of my favorite stories, and coming back to it I remember why. Alia rocks. She's one of my faves. No one messes with her and gets away with it. And the way Vincent is her balance? Awesome. Just the whole story is so much fun for me.

Now, if you were to click on the image that I'm using for the cover (which will change, probably), you'll pop over to a page called the Witchwolf Chronicles. You might get the idea that there is going to be more than one story in this series.

You'd be right: there's going to be 4.

But wait! There's more!

Penumbra is just the first story in my enormous universe. Equinox will be first. Then you will be introduced to Beth, in The Art of Dying, which is part of the Origins stories, then The Art of Living, and then we'll come back to Alia in Penumbra: Solstice.

There's even more, but right there we have at least a year of books, so we'll see where we go after that.

Meanwhile, I hope to haunt your Halloween with the most evil vampire since 28 Days of Night. Trust me-- this guy does not sparkle. Not. at. all. He was written long before Those Books. He's damn evil. And I like it that way.

Penumbra: Equinox

So, two witches, werewolf and a white witch all walk into a high school... 

Except for these high school students, it's no joke.

Alia thinks her biggest problem is how to break up with her jerk boyfriend so she can starting dating the hot but extremely private Vincent. Vincent has been fawning over Alia since the day his family moved in down the street from her. But he's never been brave enough to break into her world. 

Coleen, Alia's best and oldest friend, is a sweet, kind, gentle soul who loves Coray with all her heart and adores her parents and her simple life. Coray has always had a pretty typical life- cars, friends, dances, weekend fun and Coleen, a girlfriend he'd just about kill for. 

But everything gets ripped apart when Vincent and Coray get into a massive car accident and all kinds of new truths are forced to the surface. Vincent is forced to share what he thinks is a terrible secret with Coray; Coray finds out things about himself and Alia that dwarf anything they've faced before; and Coleen's life comes crashing down around her the day Mr. Vaduva shows up in the school. 

With Billy and Rosa, they have a lot to learn about themselves, the world around them, and the magical world they never knew was there. 

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