Friday, February 1, 2013

Joe Fan-pire

Look, I have a non-Faction blog too!

Last night, I got to download a brand new book by the wonderful Mr. Steven Luna. I enjoyed the original, and he's released a sequel. It was really really really hard not to turn my nook on start reading at midnight. I wanted to; I enjoyed Joe Vampire A LOT. He's restored my faith in Vampire Literature-- which you'll find out I'm really quite a fan of.

(Remind me to upload that paper, won't you? It's called Dracula was Schizophrenic!, and it was a wonderful term paper in college.)

Anyway. It was tough, and I will get to it this weekend. But you know what solidified my determination to not start reading it yet? It was simple phrase I utter to my husband:

"I have to get my book finished first!"

It was an amazing phrase. Delightful to hear myself say it. It's even been a hell of a trip in the month since Faction went live.

"What do you do for a living?"
"I'm a drafter/designer for X company- oh, and I'm an author."
Thirty years waiting for those words, and it feels REALLY good to say them.

So knowing how exciting it is to get review and get feed back (not just from people you know), I would like to request that you go over to Amazon or and read both Joe Vampire and the newest sure-to-be-a-best-seller Joe Vampire: The Afterlife by Mr. Luna. Give him the thrill of a review, and new fan. Because trust me. Joe's cool.

I'll be reading as soon as my book is ready to go.


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